Suasth Liver Center performs the oldest deceased donor liver transplant in Maharashtra
Liver care at Suasth Liver Center
  • A comprehensive centre for Liver transplantation & Hepato-biliary Surgery

  • Trained consultant surgeons from premier institutes in India & all over the world

  • Full team stationed in Mumbai for round-the-clock surveillance

  • State of the art facilities & infrastructure for patient safety & comfort

  • Adult and Paediatric Deceased (Cadaveric) & Living Donor Liver Transplant

  • Facility for urgent liver transplant available in case like Acute Liver Failure

  • Complex Surgery of Liver, Bile duct & Pancreas including Cancer Surgery

  • Patient-friendly high-quality & affordable care
  • "We provide high quality, affordable service with our experience of more than 15 years in liver cancer surgery and transplantations"
    Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria
    FRCS (Eng & Glasg), FRCS (Transplant), MBA (LBS), PhD (UCL))
    Managing Director & Senior Consultant Surgeon
    Our view on liver disease & transplant
    Donor & Patient Opinion