Accident & Emergency Care

The Department of Accident and Emergency Care at Suasth Hospital treats everything from life-threatening crises like heart attacks and strokes to the trauma likes of road traffic accidents injuries, cuts and fractures with the same care. Available 24x7, ED treats infants, children, adolescents and adults in the need for all kinds of a medical emergency. The emergency department at Suasth Hospital has a team of multidisciplinary doctors, nurses trained in critical care and emergency, and specialists who are available around the clock. Once the patient is admitted, a triage of nurses examines and allot a zone to the patient depending on the severity of the condition. Patients with life-threatening and time-critical conditions like heart attack, stroke and major accidents are immediately attended by a doctor and managed in a separate dedicated zone called the Resuscitation Bay. The patient is directly shifted to this bay without any delay where a team of expert doctors and nurses immediately assess and start interventions to stabilize the patient. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, Suasth Hospital is quickly able to scan the body for internal injuries and start the right course of treatment for better care and recovery. Suasth Hospitals' dedicated ambulance provides the best 360-degree pre-hospital care during the golden hour in critical emergencies. The ambulances take the critically ill patients to the emergency facility. Suasth Hospitals understand the vital role of optimal stabilization of the sick and injured during the GOLDEN HOUR in an emergency and thus ensuring a maximum positive outcome in saving lives and putting smiles back on the patients and their loved ones' faces

Accident & Emergency Care - Facilities & Services

         At Suasth Hospitals, the ER is equipped to cater to almost all medical        emergencies that can happen. Some of the treatments offered here are

Advanced emergency airway management
Mechanical Ventilation in ER - Non-invasive ventilation in ER
Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)
Basic life support (BLS)
Emergent surgical cricothyrotomy (cricothyroidotomy)
Infiltration of local anesthetics
Procedural sedation in adults
Arterial blood gases
Emergency pericardiocentesis
Central venous access
Peripheral venous access in adults
Temporary cardiac pacing
Closure of minor skin wounds with staples
Closure of skin wounds with sutures
Minor wound repair with tissue adhesives (cyanoacrylates)
Incision and drainage for skin abscess
Assessment and management of scalp lacerations
Closure of minor skin wounds with staples
Reduction of  joint  dislocation
Shoulder dislocation and reduction
Splinting of musculoskeletal injuries
Lumbar puncture
Antepartum fetal heart rate assessment
Diagnostic thoracentesis
Placement and management of thoracostomy tubes