General Medicine

General Medicine

All emergencies are handled in the casualty and attempts are made to stabilise patients as per standard protocol at Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital's Department of General Medicine, which is led by advanced medical practitioners who are dedicated to managing and understanding all aspects of general health care for its patients.

Our clinical experience enables us to effectively handle medical concerns such as hypertension, malaria, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and other communicable and non-communicable illnesses. Patients are also given illness prevention advice and preventive treatment to assist them live a healthier lifestyle

Facilities & Services

Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital aims to provide personalized, cost-effective and convenience check-up services such as: Commonly treated conditions

• The General Medicine division regularly handles recurrent infections such as sore throat, cystitis thrust, cold, bacterial infections, chest infections, Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and acid reflux, Type 2 Diabetes, endocrine disorders like under-active thyroid, high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic headaches like migraine are some of the commonly treated conditions at Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital general medicine division.

• At Suasth Multi-speciality Hospitals, we do preventive health care programs along with lifestyle counselling, as we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure.

• Executive Health Check o Advanced Cardiac Check
• Child Health Check o Women Wellness Check
• Child Health Check o Stroke and Cancer Check
• Adult Vaccination Programs