Best Urology Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital has Centre of Excellence in Urology with skilled urologists on board & they are known for their diagnosis and treatment of the most challenging urological diseases. They specialise in treating the whole range of urological disorders, including kidney stones, incontinence, cancer treatment, and fertility related problems.

Facilities & Services

Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital's urological department has experience in Uro-oncology, minimally invasive procedures, paediatric urology, reconstructive urology, and female urology, and uses cutting-edge technology and equipment like Lithotripsy machine - for treatment of kidney stones, Urodynamic system machine - for assessment of complex voiding dysfunction, laser machine for stones and prostate, kidney/ prostate and bladder cancer, Pelvic organ Prolapse, to provide exceptional care for all sorts of urological issues. Facilities & Services Suasth Multi-speciality Hospital provide facilities for all types of urological disorder with treatments such as:

General Urology Services Paediatric Urology Laser Treatment for various Urological problems Partial and radical nephrectomy Partial and radical cystectomy Treatment of Urological Cancers Laparoscopic Surgeries Treatment of Urinary incontinence in both males and females Stone Disease All techniques of urethroplasty Penile prosthesis Kidney Transplant.